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Sustainable Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

Martin helps global semiconductor and solar manufacturers meet stringent water quality and water treatment requirements, with advanced technologies, products, services, and unmatched expertise.


Through ultrapure water purification, distribution, water reclaim and reuse, wastewater treatment and value-added services, Martin provides answers to industry and manufacturers by helping them better conserve their water and energy resources to ensure a sustainable future.

Efficient Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Martin understands that in today’s evolving high-tech markets, electronics manufacturers must innovate and produce at such great speed and volume to simply survive the technology cycle.

As you are challenged to increase capacity, reduce costs and meet the demand for more complex products, we are here to help you meet those needs with innovative technologies, products, services, and unmatched expertise. 

From ultrapure water purification and distribution systems, to wastewater treatment and reclaim/reuse solutions we can help you control costs, meet production water demands and environmental regulations by managing every aspect of your facility’s water.