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Oil & Gas Refinery


Every plant is looking for new ways to minimize corrosion, reduce fouling, save energy, reuse water, and minimize down time. Martin has chemicals, equipment, and analytics to help improve your operations.

In an environment where fluctuating demand and supply are the norm, refineries need to address growing environmental challenges and regulations. Martin is well positioned to tackle these needs with refinery solutions such as emulsion breakers, antifoulants, scavengers, monitoring solutions, and much more.

Refine crude oil into high-valued products with Martin products

In converting feedstock into high-quality fuel and other refined products, profitability hinges on keeping key process units running, controlling operating costs, and effectively meeting regulatory requirements.

As the professional provider of treatment solutions to the refining industry, Martin can help hydrocarbon processors with a wide array of antifoulants, corrosion inhibitors, finished product additives, and more.