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PRODUCTS  Cartridge Filter Housings

2.5"High Flow Filter Housings(Non NSF Certified)

Filter Housings are manufactured from the highest quality, food grade 100% constructed of reinforced polypropylene AS & PC,EPDM O-Ring seals. With Pressure Release Valve, it’s ideal for RO and Filtration systems.Both for residential and commercial use such as irrigation, farm, food industry and others. Fits most standard 9 3/4" and 19 1/2”filter cartridges. 

Operating Data: 

• Working Pressure: 150PSI (10kg/cm²)

• Max. Temperature: 120°F (50°C) 

Testing Data: 

• Bursting Pressure: 525PSI (35kg/cm²)

• Cycle Test: 0-150 PSI, 100,000 cycles 


Product CodeDescription









H-1012CBK-100010" Clear Housing, Black CapYes1/2"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1034CBK-100010" Clear Housing, Black CapYes3/4"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1038CBK-100010" Clear Housing, Black CapYes3/8"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1012BBK-100010" Blue Housing, Black CapYes1/2"1258x44x3417kgs
H-1034BBK-100010" Blue Housing, Black CapYes3/4"1258x44x3417kgs
H-1038BBK-100010" Blue Housing, Black CapYes3/8"1258x44x3417kgs

H-1012CBK-BS-100010" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes1/2"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1034CBK-BS-100010" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/4"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1038CBK-BS-100010" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/8"1258x44x3419kgs
H-1012BBK-BS-100010" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes1/2"1258x44x3417kgs
H-1034BBK-BS-100010" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/4"1258x44x3417kgs
H-1038BBK-BS-100010" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/8"1258x44x3417kgs

H-20CBK1220" Clear Housing, Black CapYes1/2"641x29x5916kgs
H-20CBK3420" Clear Housing, Black CapYes3/4"641x29x5916kgs
H-20CBK3820" Clear Housing, Black CapYes3/8"641x29x5916kgs
H-20BBK1220" Blue Housing, Black CapYes1/2"641x29x5918kgs
H-20BBK3420" Blue Housing, Black CapYes3/4"641x29x5918kgs
H-20BBK3820" Blue Housing, Black CapYes3/8"641x29x5918kgs

H-20CBK12-BS20" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes1/2"641x29x5916kgs
H-20CBK34-BS20" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/4"641x29x5916kgs
H-20CBK35-BS20" Clear Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/8"641x29x5916kgs
H-20BBK12-BS20" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes1/2"641x29x5918kgs
H-20BBK34-BS20" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/4"641x29x5918kgs
H-20BBK38-BS20" Blue Housing, Black Cap,Brass ConnectorYes3/8"641x29x5918kgs